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About Dream Warriors Foundation

A Dream Warrior is a woman, femme-identifying, or non-binary individual who promotes intersectional feminism, possesses an intangible brightness and has an instinct to connect with and better the world around us. A Dream Warrior believes that by unifying, relying, and sharing our experiences with one another, we are more equipped to forge forward on our own individual paths and foster positive change.

The Dream Warriors Foundation is a funding mechanism to support Dream Warriors. Through online channels, an extensive resource directory, and grants, the foundation provides IRL connections and funding opportunities for a unified community. 

An annual membership gains individuals access to discounts on our online directory of Dream Warrior-owned businesses, a monthly newsletter, exclusive networking opportunities, and personally supports our grant-making efforts.

The Herstory of Dream Warriors

Dream Warriors was started by Allie Bashuk in 2011 as a Facebook group. Since its inception, Dream Warriors has grown and evolved in wonderful, unexpected ways. It turns out, most powerful women, femme-identifying and non-binary individuals know other equally powerful individuals, and with each new addition, the group progresses, gains complexity, and ripens with potential. The online group serves as a resource network and trusted community and has evolved into an underground network of revolutionary women, femme-identifying and non-binary individuals in the Atlanta area.

While the Dream Warriors social community will remain a private space, the Foundation seeks to rally everyone around our efforts to provide support to Dream Warriors in Atlanta. 

Still Curious?

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