The (S)hero’s Journey

I am writing this about myself, for myself, because I’m scared. I’m scared that going after what I want from life is not ok. This fear ranges from very real issues like disappointing my parents and making those around me uncomfortable to dogmatic issues like going to hell. But I’m writing this because, despite not receiving a permission slip, a green light, an “everything will work out,” or a billboard sign from the universe that can direct me in which way to go (trust me, I’ve asked), and being scared shitless, I’ve decided to go for it anyway. Perhaps, if you’re reading this, you’ve thought about going for it too.

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Interviews with Dream Warriors Foundation Summer Spark Grant Winners

For Dream Warriors Foundation Spark Grant recipients Jasmine Williams and Dani Brockington, taking a leap of faith to change their lives — and the lives of those around them — has been no small task. With big plans and even bigger dreams ahead of them, Jasmine and Dani found themselves at a crossroads, each searching for a way to answer the call on their lives and shine a light on those living in the shadows.

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Dream Warriors Foundation

Wow, y'all.

Dream Warriors started seven years ago on my couch and here we are with 20,000+ members officially launching a Foundation built upon a foundation of support, love, and community.

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Allie Bashuk