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Introvert or Extrovert? A Freelancer’s Guide to Balancing Social Interaction

“The truth of the matter is that you need social interaction; It's science. Being alone for prolonged periods of time can have a negative impact on your overall wellbeing. Your immune system can suffer, you can develop feelings of paranoia, and your overall happiness can take a dive. So, how does one live the freelance life successfully and avoid becoming a hermit?” In this article on extroverts, introverts, and how they handle freelance careers, contributor Lynne Tanzer writes about the best way to have both a social and freelance life whether your kind of a good time is a packed calendar or solo Netflix binges.

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Go with the Flow: Finding Empowerment, Strength, and Healing Through Yoga

If you ask any yogi (even those who initially came to yoga looking for six-pack abs!), it goes far beyond the physical. There’s something far deeper and richer in the practice, the kind of intangible “something” with the power to heal and strengthen. We spoke with Atlanta yoga instructors Tiffany Andras-Meyers, Maria Borghoff, and Rachelle Knowles about the importance of their practice.

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The (S)hero’s Journey

I am writing this about myself, for myself, because I’m scared. I’m scared that going after what I want from life is not ok. This fear ranges from very real issues like disappointing my parents and making those around me uncomfortable to dogmatic issues like going to hell. But I’m writing this because, despite not receiving a permission slip, a green light, an “everything will work out,” or a billboard sign from the universe that can direct me in which way to go (trust me, I’ve asked), and being scared shitless, I’ve decided to go for it anyway. Perhaps, if you’re reading this, you’ve thought about going for it too.

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