Go with the Flow: Finding Empowerment, Strength, and Healing Through Yoga

If you ask any yogi (even those who initially came to yoga looking for six-pack abs!), it goes far beyond the physical. There’s something far deeper and richer in the practice, the kind of intangible “something” with the power to heal and strengthen. We spoke with Atlanta yoga instructors Tiffany Andras-Meyers, Maria Borghoff, and Rachelle Knowles about the importance of their practice.

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In the Wake of Bringing on Two New Directors, Dashboard Announces Sponsoring an Annual DWF Artist Spark Grant

Courtney Hammond and Beth Malone began prying open the doors to forsaken city spaces both figuratively and literally in 2010. Since founding Dashboard, an experimental curatorial agency with the mission to increase the livability of public spaces, they have created unique art installations all across the country. A desolate Detroit Pickle Factory, a once antiquated Alabama department store, and most recently the exquisite and historic Oakland Cemetery have all gotten the Dashboard treatment.

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Lynne Tanzer