Carly Mearman, Holistic Mind, Body, and Health Coach on Trusting the Process


As I write this, I've lived three weeks without a single cocktail. That’s 21 days without one vodka soda. 504 hours sans a shot of tequila or body-warming sip of whiskey. And it's all Carly Mearman's fault.

A few nights ago, when I texted her with yet another random complaint (aka an excuse to throw in the towel and run away from my healthy lifestyle and back into the comforting arms of a double shot of Tito's), she texted me back confidently: "Trust the process." If it were anyone else, I’d likely text them back explaining that they could “trust these expletives!” But, at this point, I've learned firsthand that Carly is right. See, I've been working with Carly Mearman, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, since March, cleaning up my pantry, my liver, and - in a surprising plot twist - my mind.

"Our minds are the strongest muscle in our body, and we tend to forget that," Carly responded when asked about how mindset plays into leading a healthy lifestyle. "We create what we give power to, and this goes both positively and negatively. If we do not lead with our minds, we will be stuck in a circle of self-sabotage and frustration, wondering why we are not reaching our goals."

This mind-over-matter way of thinking has always been beneficial to me in other pursuits of my life, but with Carly’s help, it’s also transformed the way that I, and many of her clients, think about and treat our bodies.

Before Carly shared her holistic health wisdom with stubborn students like me, she had a crash course in transforming a life for the better: her own. "There are a lot of different reasons I ultimately ended up in the wellness industry, but the main reason was my own personal health. I had severe digestive issues back in 2012 that put me in the hospital.” Carly took every test under the sun, and after traditional doctors were unable to help her with her condition, she began researching the benefits of holistic medicine. “I turned to holistic medicine and started digging for my own answers. On top of that, there was always this desire to want to be fit and have the "perfect body." I had so much pressure from the industry I was in, and was doing it for the wrong reasons. Over the years, working on my health transformed my whole mindset, and it turned into fueling my body for long-term health. The "look" of my body was just a by-product of giving it what it needs to be healthy."


This new way of living took even more prominence in Carly’s life when she began using food not just as fuel, but as medicine. “Lyme disease is a huge part of my life at the moment. With a chronic illness, it tends to be a huge part of someone's life because they deal with it on a daily basis. I have made a promise to myself to not let Lyme define me. Once we let an illness define us and give into the idea of,  "I am sick," then that is what our minds believe, and that is what we are creating. I am not my disease. I feel sick, but by not making it my whole story, I lead life mentally as if I am already past it. I do acknowledge that this is a daily struggle for millions, so I make sure to give hope and show people what I do to heal each day. Just like with anything, it is a work in progress, and it is just a chapter of my life that I am ready to overcome. My number one mission is to help others, so if I can do that through my Lyme journey, or through my weight-loss and clean eating coaching, then I have fulfilled my duty!”

But managing her business, part of an ongoing attempt to fulfill her duty, hasn’t always been easy. “Running a business is no easy task. It impacts you on a mental and physical level. The best advice I can give is to never stop. The only way to fail is to stop. Keep going, because even the smallest step is a step closer. Understand that your business is bigger than you. Everyone gets into those funks of getting frustrated or wanting to give up, but that is when it’s the most important to know your why for starting your business. For me personally, my business is to help others become the healthiest they can be. I know that if I am not working towards my business goal, I’m also missing out on helping others.”

When I first came to Carly, I had been working out and eating my own version of healthy (sprinkled with an obsession with Gaja’s Korean fried chicken, Doritos, and any and all buffalo wings). I wanted a quick way to lose weight: a plan, a fix. What I got instead was a new way of seeing myself as someone worthy of a healthy meal, of someone with a body that deserves moving, and as someone who had the power to choose whatever life I wanted. Five months later, I’ve lost more than 10 pounds, I don’t deprive myself of what I want when I want it (some of those chicken wing bones you see on the streets of Atlanta are more than likely mine), and I see my mind and body as something worth taking great care of, even if it means taking a break from drinking in dive bars (one of my all-time favorite pastimes). I’ve learned that if my behavior is incongruent with my desires, I won’t reach my goals, and if I want to reach my goals, I have to be in alignment with what I want.


“Think about it this way,” Carly shared with me. “If you were eating correctly and working out every day, but you did not deeply love yourself and believe in yourself, would you ever really reach your goal?” She continued, “When you actually reach that physical number, your mind will not accept that, and you will be onto the next goal, never actually reaching what you desire. This is why mindset is everything in weight-loss and fitness goals. It’s about the mind and body connection.”

That mind and body connection is what finally clicked for me, and it’s the basis of Carly’s success. Intertwining the belief that our thoughts become our reality, she’s been bringing a healthy life into existence for herself and her clients.

“When clients first come to me, it is usually for weight-loss and physical health-related goals. This is the goal we strive to reach, but the tools I teach are what get you there.  Meditation, manifesting, language shifts, and understanding how what we put out into the world comes back to us, that’s how we co-create our lives. When you are working to reach your goal, you are working towards a desire. My practice consists of teaching my clients to take inspired action that comes from a high vibration. High vibrations attract the like and everything you are working towards will come to you because you are in true alignment with what you desire. First, you declare exactly what you want to achieve. Second, you work on your mindset to truly believe and know you deserve it and you will have it. Finally, you take inspired action and watch everything unfold.”