Dream Warriors Foundation

Wow, y'all.

Dream Warriors started seven years ago on my couch and here we are with 20,000+ members officially launching a Foundation built upon a foundation of support, love, and community. When I launched Dream Warriors in 2011, I had no idea it would grow like it has, but that's just what happens when you know incredible babes and you let them invite their incredible babes, and so on and so forth. I know the Dream Warrior community has provided so much value for myself and countless others, and now it’s time for the next chapter.

We have always been more than just a Facebook community, but now with the launch of the Dream Warriors Foundation, we all have something tangible and real to rally around. We are on a mission to support Dream Warrior-owned businesses and organizations while creating new opportunities for future ventures.

The Dream Warriors Foundation believes that providing accessible support to a community of like-minded women, non-binary, and femme-identifying individuals inspires a stronger, more innovative local economy.

A once-a-year $35 membership to the Dream Warrior Foundation will provide members with the following:

  • An online, easy access directory to Dream Warrior-owned businesses
  • Perks/discounts/promotions to Dream Warrior-owned businesses (Highland Yoga, Condesa Coffee, Civil Bikes, Treehouse Milk, Garnish & Gather, Future Perfect Massage, Megan Huntz, Strongbox West, Paper Raven Co. and many more)
  • Exclusive events and networking opportunities 
  • An opportunity to become a personal contributor to the Spark Grant* and an annual Big Idea Grant*, award to Dream Warriors in Atlanta

This is just the start and we want you to be a part of it! Please give us any feedback, criticism, encouragement, really anything you have to say — we're all ears.

Memberships are not limited to those in the Facebook community, so help us spread the word! The more memberships we sell, the more support we can give!

*Learn about our Grants

Allie Bashuk