Our Mission & Vision


Dream Warriors Foundation believes that accessible support to collaborative women, femme-identifying, and non-binary individuals inspires a stronger, more innovative local community.  


Dream Warriors Foundation connects, uplifts, and strengthens our community through grant-making, events, and online channels.

Become a Member

Members of the Dream Warrior Foundation are the backbone to our grassroots grantmaking. By contributing $35/year, you will directly support our mission to provide support to local Dream Warriors. These funds will also assist in our organization’s administrative costs and ensure our ability to high quality, adorable events for Dream Warriors in Atlanta. In addition, members receive access to discounts offered by local Dream Warrior-owned institutions. Scroll through the Directory to see current available discounts. Become a member today! 

Apply for Grants

The Dream Warriors Foundation awards four grants annually. The annual Big Idea Grant is for individuals or groups needing startup funds to start their new venture in the Metro Atlanta area. Big Idea Grant recipients will also receive mentorship, marketing support, and networking to ensure a well-rounded, sustainable and successful startup. The Spark Grants are given out quarterly to individuals seeking stabilizing, supportive, or unique funds in the area of the Arts, Community Impact, and Personal Crisis. Visit our Grants Page to learn more.

Contact Us

The Dream Warriors Foundation is a tiny but mighty operation! That means, sometimes we miss things and sometimes we make mistakes. But we’ll be sure to fix them just as soon as we can!

Have a suggestion on how to make this page or the Foundation more inclusive/accessible? Let us know.