Dream Warriors Foundation Annual Membership

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By contributing $35/year, all collected funds will create new opportunities for local Dream Warriors.

Where will your money go?

  • Grants - creating grants for local Atlanta dreamies seeking to start a new venture or change the course of their lives and their community

  • Operations - assisting in administrative costs, such as keeping up this website including the Directory, which pays recognition and promotes already existing, amazing Dream Warrior-owned businesses

  • Events - DWF educational, social, and networking events

What do you get out of it?

  • Access to discounts offered by some of our Dream Warrior businesses. Check out our Directory to see who is offering discounts!

  • To be a part of a grassroots effort to increase funding for women, femme-identifying, and non-binary individuals in Atlanta

  • Access to member-only educational and networking events hosted by the Dream Warriors Foundation, featuring innovators, thinkers, lovers, and dreamers

  • A new membership "item" each year you renew!

Does being a Dream Warriors Foundation member make me a member of the online social group Dream Warriors?

  • Unfortunately, no, the Dream Warriors Foundation membership is not the same as the Facebook group, Dream Warriors

  • Dream Warrior Foundation memberships can be purchased by all identifying individuals with all collected funds going directly towards supporting the women, femme-identifying, or non-binary identify dreaming population

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We want memberships to be accessible to everyone! Select your price and join the movement to create more opportunities in Atlanta! The suggested membership price is $35/year. 

If you cannot afford this, please email us directly